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bon accord

BON-ACCORDS are husband and wife Robin and Deryn Waitt. Over the years, they have been extremely busy in the accordion scene, playing concerts, dances etc. They had a residency for 14 years in Gretna, entertaining visitors from all over the country, and also in a holiday camp where new songs had to be learned every week for the resident audience! Great training.
Deryn plays a piano accordion, while Robin plays the “Jimmy Shand” type. This is a 3-row chromatic accordion – very difficult to play. Between them, they produce lovely harmonies, and have a great enthusiasm for their music. Their repertoire includes Scottish, Irish. Old-Time and Country music. Irish songs are a particular favourite, with Bon Accords having toured Southern Ireland on numerous occasions. They have also performed on many an Irish Concert Tour with Irish artists such as Dermot O’Brien, Brendan Shine, Daniel O’Donnell, Philomena Begley, Paddy Reilly and The Indians to name but a few.
These days, they mainly play for Accordion & Fiddle Clubs and dances, all over the Border area.


November 8
7:30 pm