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Bottle Bank Band brings together the talents of four Tyneside fiddlers: Sophy Ball, Chloe Jones, David Jones and Stewart Hardy. The band takes its name from the one-time residence of Tyneside’s most famous fiddling son, James Hill. Their repertoire is firmly rooted in but by no means limited to the North East of England – a region which enjoys a centuries old tradition of fiddle playing. Individually the members of Bottle Bank Band have all established reputations as outstanding musicians. By coming together in this combination, they create an exciting and exhilarating musical landscape: the glorious sound of four fiddles, rich in harmony and captivating arrangements, is underpinned by an instinctive understanding of traditional playing, which gives voice and space to the musicality and talent of the individual players.
“Sometimes sounding like a very well-tempered string quartet and at other times taking on a much rawer aspect, the four fiddlers created a vivid sound peppered with wit, gorgeous harmonies, rhythmical drive and a great sense of adventure”
Rob Adams, The Herald
“Completely wonderful. Such energetic, gritty, solid playing with some great arrangements which really brings out the strength and brilliance of these tunes ”
Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3

Tickets £10 adult Under 19’s/students £5

from Tully’s Rothbury or reserve by phone 01669 622367 or  01661 842935



29th September 2017
7:30 pm